Weight Issues

Our doctor told my wife that many of her health problems are due to her being overweight. Her weight problems are mostly from hypothyroidism and the medication she takes for depression. Of course it does not help a person that is dealing with insecurities to tell them they have a weight issue.

So very gently I asked her if she wanted some help or support in losing some weight. I did not put it exactly that way but it was a longer conversation and that was the basic gist. She told me she was not ready yet, but we could start as the weather gets cooler.

A delicate balance, I want her to feel better and be more secure. I could care less what she looks like, I think she is beautiful no matter what. But I also want her to be around for a long time, and if the doctor is correct, even though he should not be talking about it as much as he does then she probably could lose a few pounds.

One of our dogs is overweight too, so a nice walk with the dogs and the family should do nicely. It could be the start to something wonderful.


  1. Man I know what you mean...it really is a delicate balance.

    I feel similarly about my wife. She is insecure about her weight, which she shouldn't be IMO...but regardless, she is. I think she looks great, sure she isn't 110lbs like when I met her. Doesn't matter to me at all. I think she's sexy as ever.

    Anyways...good luck. I've found that doing active things (not just "exercise" or "gym") together has helped us quite a bit. We walk the dogs, take them to the dog park and run with them, etc. It may not be quite up to my speed, but it's better than either of us were doing before...so it's a start. And we recently dipped back into the gym...so those small steps eventually will lead you somewhere!

  2. I love walking. It's easy, doesn't require special equipment (other than a good pair of shoes or running shoes) and I've heard that 30 minute walking a day prevents colon cancer and stuff like that.

    I've been doing the speed walking every day and combined with good eating habits (which isn't easy since I looooove food), I've lost a few pounds and feel less stressed and I sleep better too.

    And it's even better when you have other people to do it with.

  3. My husband and I have had similar conversations. I finally had to reach a point where I was ready...I went to him and told him I was willing. Now we run at least four days a week. I feel so much better about myself. It is really amazing.
    Good luck

  4. Ugh the thyroid/antidepressant combo kicked my butt big time! And I don't know how she feels, but the meds for the depression numbed me to the point of not really caring about the weight I did gain. So finding the motivation when the drive isn't there because of meds and the energy isn't there because of the thyroid is super difficult. Would she be up for a long walk after dinner when it's cooler? Something that doesn't feel like exercise?

  5. I have to tell you that even though I work out all the time, the best part is when the sportsman runs with me in the early am. It is something "WE" are doing together. That is also helping us stay fit.

    : )

  6. My wife and I are in a similar situation, minus the meds. She is very unhappy with herself, but I can't find the balance to help her. I have started walking and running and doing light exercises in hopes she would follow my lead but she has not. She is of the mindset that surgery is the only answer for her and it scares me. She knows I love her the way she is, but I do want her to be healthy like you said. It is just a very difficult situation. I understand.


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