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You're a redhead

You're a redhead I said admiring the hair above her pussy. She was on top of me know completely naked and I finally had a glimpse of her beautiful trimmed pussy hair. I was still in my clothes, it was easier for her to get naked since she started taking off her clothes on the way home from the bar.

Halfway down our block in San Francisco, she had nothing left but her panties, and I just watched her ass move in the shear material. Back in our apartment we wasted no time and she was soon naked and sitting on my lap on the couch.

She leaned in to kiss me and smiled, "My hair turns blonde in the summer," she replied.

My hands were cupped around her breasts at this point, as our lips met in a passionate kiss. She fumbled with my zipper, and grabbed the tops of my boxers, sliding them down over the head of my cock.

Her fingers played with the pre-cum on the tip of my cock and slowly moved the fabric further down to expose my erection. I lifted my ass off of the couch and helped her slide the rest of my pants and boxers off of my legs.

She slid off of me and onto her knees in front. Taking my cock in her hands, she smiled as her tongue darted across the head. In one quick motion she had my cock fully in her mouth and was stroking with her hand as I let out a long moan.

Her pace quickened and I moved my hips up to meet her mouth. She stopped just as I was about to release. She knew I was close and wanted to fuck me instead. I grabbed the sides of her head and brought my mouth to hers as I moved around to get her onto the couch.

It was my turn to tease her and I wasted no time burying my head between her legs. My tongue tasted her wetness as I moved it up and down her opening. I brought my tongue down to her ass, circling it around and traced the folds of her pussy up to where I stopped at her clit. I parted her lips to expose it further.

My fingers found their way into her opening and she let out a gasp. She was soaking wet now and I was a little worried that she would leave a spot on my couch. So I moved my head up and in one motion picked her up off of the couch and brought her into my bedroom.

We laughed as we were moving down the hallway bumping knees into the walls.

I layed her on my bed and went back to pleasuring her with my tongue.

I could hear her breathing getting faster and felt her hips rock. Then her legs tightened around my head and for a moment I could not hear a thing. She released my head and fell backwards as she came. Briefly stunned from the crushing force of her thighs, I smiled.

Moving up her body I positioned the head of my cock on her labia. Slowly I entered her, pausing just after the head slipped in and withdrew it. With each push forward I moved further into her until finally I was deep inside her.

She grabbed my back as if to pull me deeper, whispering to me how good my cock felt inside her.

I was already close to climax, but wanted to make this time last so I started slowly. Balancing myself on one hand I used my other to tease her nipple. I gradually picked up the pace as I dont think I would have lasted much longer anyway.

Pumping furiously into her, the sweat was now rolling off of my nose. With one last thrust my legs tightened up and I exploded inside her. She was already close to coming again so I leaned a little to the side and used my free hand to rub her clit until I could feel her body tense as she came on my cock still buried inside of her.

I looked down at her and could barely smile as I pulled my cock out of her and brought my mouth down to touch her lips. I collapsed on my side with my hand on her shoulder and whispered to her, "I love you."


  1. ::sigh::

    You make me straight up want you when you write like that Blue.

    True story.

  2. Yup. I'm with peedee. That's damn good erotica!


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