Work, life and stuff...

In that order...

My job is changing, big changes, or maybe no change at all... it is all up in the air and it could be months until it is finalized... I will have a job, but I have no idea what I am going to be doing. I could be in the same position I am now or I may be moving on and traveling more, not sure which one will be better.

My life is crazy, mainly because of the work changes, partly from the weekend and my wife sinking deeper into depression. She is better now but it seems she has to start working every other weekend, which is why she was depressed this past weekend.. working on a holiday weekend. So is this going to happen every week she has to work on Saturday and Sunday, I hope not, it was extremely emotionally draining for me as well as her.

Other stuff, my daughter has been recommended for the smart class... if she passes the test she will be moved into the class next year. I am proud of her but worried that she may not be ready for the smart class, she is only in third grade. I was in nothing but honors classes, but only in high school.. the gifted class in elementary and middle school were the social outcasts, and I dont want that to be her. She has a hard enough time keeping friends now.

My wife and I are now back to sleeping in the same room. Summer is over and we have been able to get my daughter back into a regular sleeping schedule. Before I would sleep in her room, not because my wife and I did not want to sleep together mainly because we were tired of kicking our daughter out of the bed... so we caved but now its back to normal and we are starting to look forward to it, at least I am.

There is more but I am not trying to write a book, so I will leave it at that. Happy Wednesday People!


  1. Oy, the uncertainty of the job situation would drive me crazy. I like to plan ahead for things like that, and when you can't, it stresses me a bit. Good luck with it, and hopefully things will straighten themselves out nicely.

    And congrats on your daughter's success. Personally, I was moved into a gifted program in 3rd grade as well - ours was a one day per week thing, which left us the other 4 days to do work with the rest of the classes. We had a good mix of social outcasts and more popular kids - I feel that these things served me quite well and allowed me to grow academically, while not completely destroying my interpersonal/social skills. You can exist in both worlds - both academic and social. It's harder for some people though. My parents stopped and asked me what I wanted to do about it. I wanted to go into the "gifted" class, so there I went.

  2. Congrats to your daughter! I say let her give it a shot and see if she likes it.

    And hope the job sorts itself out soon. Change drives me crazy, and it drives me SUPER crazy when I don't know what's coming.

  3. I so totally understand the craziness of a job change. I hope it settles out okay.

    I do understand your concerns about your daughter. My husband skipped a grade at that age, and often wonders how he would have faired had he not skipped forward. While it all ended up okay, there were some social rough spots. But, some of his issues were not helped by his parents who sort of let him be instead of intervening or making sure it was working overall. Given your concern, I doubt your daughter will have the issues he did.


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