A Short Vacation...

The road from Park City to Jackson, Wyoming is a scenic highway especially when my wife decides to get naked for almost the last half hour, flashing all the truckers and RVs along the way.

I was surprised that we did not get pulled over but there are not a lot of police along the mountain highways so we really did not have much to lose.

At the time she was not my wife, although we had been together for almost five years. We actually had broken up because like all relationships we came to the transition period of where are we going and I did not have a great answer to the question. I was not finished playing, but I realized very quickly what my life would be like without her.

It was only a short time after that trip when we decided to get married... and that is another funny story for another time.

So we were invited on a little excursion to Jackson, my college roommate was a manager at a hotel there and was able to book us a room for $25 a night. Considering the destination this was an incredible deal that we could not pass up and late the night before at the bar we decided we were going to drive up the next morning.

This of course was not the time that we had to postpone our trip because my wife and her girlfriend were almost put in jail for public drunkeness, instead they arrested her girlfriend and I had to pick them up at the jail and drive them both back home... and of course that is another story.

So we hit the road early in the morning and by noon my wife was topless and hanging out of the window my my pickup truck. Then the pants came off and the panties were pulled down, all the while we were laughing and I was having a difficult time keeping my eyes on the road.

She dressed before we arrived at the hotel but it was not long until her clothes were on the floor of the hotel room and I was joining her on the bed. We had already arranged plans for that evening, so all we had to do was shower, get dressed and meet my college roommate at the local bar for some drinks, but that gave us a full two hours of pure pleasure.

The sex was fantastic, it was that kind of uninhibited raw primal pleasure that comes at certain times in a relationship. I was thrusting so hard with us in doggy style that the headboard was pounding the wall. It was a good thing that most of the guests were out and about since it was roughly three in the afternoon, otherwise I would have to explain to my friend why there were complaints from my neighbor.

This was a time we were also talking about bringing another person into the relationship, and even suggested offering my wife to my friend, but those feelings seemed to pass quickly when my wife realized that my friends nickname of the Hustler was not because he was good at pool. I came so hard that it ended up in her hair and on the headboard and in other places that we found later.

Needless to say that was a good vacation. We spent a good amount of that time in the hotel, but we did manage to go to all the nice spots in Jackson and even did a little shopping before we went back to our apartment.


  1. Ahhh the early days... that sounded like good times!!

  2. :)
    Just wanted to stop by and see what you were up to...reminiscing I see!


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