An Ode to the Friday Commute

To the women with the Donate Life license plate who blew through the school zone at 55 mph, maybe you need to reevaluate your license plate choice.

To the Jackass with the Start Seeing Motorcycles bumper sticker who pulled out in front of me while I was on my bike... please heed your own advice.

To the lady with the Got Jesus sticker in her window who flipped me off because I would not let two cars merge in front of me, I think you need to keep reading your bible, maybe someday you will understand what it says.

And lastly to the young girl putting on makeup, while eating breakfast and talking on the phone on the way to high school, if you happen to make it to graduation, please choose a private college that way the tax payers will end up paying for nothing when you die before you finish.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. KUDOS!!!...

    The road is very telling place and ooooh the stories we all could tell.

  2. What about the women who use their vibrators in the car while driving down the freeway? Any advice for them?

  3. @SoccerMom: That would be a site to see, care to share any pictures :), haha.


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