I found a notebook of poetry that I had written years ago in an old box after we moved.

Back in high school and college I would carry around this notebook and write what I felt at the time. Some of the poems were interesting to read again, some I could not comprehend why I was even thinking that way.

After reading quite a few of the poems I started to wonder why I don't write poetry anymore. Is it that I do not know what to write about, am I uninspired, am I just too busy.

I used to read a lot of poetry back then... no not the romantic kind, more of the existentialist type, trying to find who I was through the words that I read and subsequently wrote.

I donated some of my poetry books right before I moved recently, some of the ones that I have not opened in years. I probably should have kept them but I did not see myself reading them anytime soon, and they should be enjoyed by someone that would actually read them.

Right before I donated the books, I thought about giving them to my daughter. At some point I hope that she will be reading the same works that I enjoyed. I know she will read the classics, but I do wonder how much emphasis they will have on the great works.

My daughter is heading into the fifth grade next week. A grade that changed my life. It was the fifth grade that I finally was able to overcome my brothers shadow and figure out my path. It was the 5th grade that led me to science and writing and discover the love of reading.

A lot of this was because of the teacher that I had then, not necessarily that it was what was being taught at that grade level. Of course I have high aspirations for my daughter and the fifth grade.

I hope that she will find the same things that I did at that age.

At least I know I will encourage her to do so.


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