Just A Little Update

Work has been overwhelming recently leaving me no time to do things that I enjoy.

But I feel that I still need to post here from time to time just so some of you know that I am still alive and kicking.

So here is an update of sorts:

  • Work is busy, they are consolidating our office and we still wondering if we will have jobs in six months.
  • Home life is stressful.  My wife was injured in our apartment complex and has trouble walking.  At first I was very good about helping her, but I think she is milking it a bit too much now.  I know it hurts but she still needs to try to get around on her own and not rely on me so much.
  • We have not had sex in quite some time. I think I posted it on here the last time we did so if you care to look you will know the exact date... in any event I can not remember it so it must be a while.
  • Valentines is coming and I know it will be stressful for her because she feels that she should have sex with me but does not want to.
  • I may be traveling again, and always while I travel I tend to think about straying.  Not sure I would but while I am out and about I think do consider it.
  • January and February are the hardest months for us financially... once that good old tax return comes things seem to get better and the summer is always a good time for us.  A lot of that has to do with my wife's employer not paying her vacation days and since she works in education the school is closed for several weeks.
  • I have been talking with several bloggers recently and really enjoying our conversations.  I am trying to branch out and find new ones, so if anyone has suggestions please feel free to comment here.  I did find one today and when I get to ready more I will post the link.
  • I have not been working out much but have not gained or lost weight in several months.  I am ready to start working out again but just have not had any time recently.
  • Been watching the Olympics but all they seem to be showing so far is figure skating, and while I don't mind watching it sometimes its too much.. maybe the next week of events will be a lot better.
That's pretty much my updates in brief.  Not much else is going on or rather I do not want to complain about anything else.  Mostly my life is pretty good, just need a little more sex in it.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day.


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