I feel like I am being selfish.

We received our tax returns for this year already and while they were not that great it still gives us a nice little bit of cash to spend on ourselves.

My idea is not a fun one, I plan on putting most of it into our savings account so we build up our emergency fund.  I stress about money a lot and I know I would relax quite a bit if I had some extra cash in our fund.

My wife has a different idea.  Since she has gained a bit of weight her wedding ring does not fit anymore.  So she was talking about getting it redone.

The problem is that it is not cheap to do.  It would take a portion of our tax return and while I would still be able to put money into our emergency fund it would give us nothing extra for anything else that would be fun.

Of course I think I made her mad because I mentioned that I wanted to spend the money on us and put most of it into our savings, but she sad she really wants to get this done.

She has not been wearing a wedding ring for several years and I think for her it might seem that since our relationship is drifting apart the symbolism of the ring means more to her.  Maybe its the last thing she is holding onto.  It could be she does not think she is whole in our relationship without it.

I don't know but I keep thinking it would be better to spend the money on something we all want.

Maybe that is just being selfish, or maybe she is being selfish.

Who knows maybe this will help get me laid.

So it could be a good thing.  I just wish it wasn't so damn expensive to get done.


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