100 Things

1. I grew up in the suburbs in a very suburban family.
2. I have 3 brothers and no sisters, they are all older then I am so I was able to get away with a lot of things growing up.
3. My favorite animal is the wolf, although for some reason I was fascinated by the Koala bears at the San Diego Zoo.
4. I love jazz music, but I grew up on the Grateful Dead, I followed them around for a few years in high school and college.
5. I am not a hippie and did not consider myself one, I just loved the music.
6. I tried playing the saxophone because my favorite jazz artist is John Coltrane, but was never very good at it.
7. Spent a good part of my life skiing and living in areas where I would ski as much as I can, now I live in the south where they dont get any snow at all.
8. I will try anything once...
9. I once spent an entire summer camping, although part of it was for a class and the other part was for research, but I bathed in the streams and ate spam almost every day.
10. One of my goals was to climb Mt. McKinley but I still have yet to go to Alaska.
11. I was recruited and received scholarships to play sports in college but never really made it past training camp.
12. My favorite ice cream is butter pecan.
13. My favorite dessert is pecan pie, although I did make a pecan brittle cheesecake for the holidays last year that I loved, are you seeing a bit of a trend.
14. I drastically changed my diet 3 months ago and lost another 12 pounds making it a total of 42 since I gained a bunch of weight moving to the south.
15. My favorite alcohol is whiskey, mainly bourbon or irish, but I have only bought one bottle in the last year and have drank a half dozen times total this year.
16. I love to cook and try new things, but my wife does not so I end up making the same stuff every week.
17. When I was in college I thought that one day I would run a restaurant or a pizzeria.
18. I used to make my own bread and would cook for my friends almost every weekend my senior year in college.
19. I miss my mom, a lot.
20. I have written the opening chapter to 3 different books but have never actually sat down with the intention of finishing them.
21. When I was younger I said I was going to work for the CIA, but I pretty much ruined that idea by following the grateful dead around.
22. I got straight A's in high school, although I rarely did any work and did not fail my first class until college where I thought I could get away with not doing any work.
23. My favorite food is pizza, I make my own from scratch... old family recipe, one thanksgiving when I was living in the mountains my mom called me because she forgot to bring the recipe with her and was making it for one of my brothers... still to this day I am pround of that.
24. I ride a motorcycle on a daily basis even in the winter, but it does not get very cold here.
25. I own 2 fairly expensive mountain bikes but I have not ridden either of them in more than a year.
26. I am good with computers and electronics and love working on them, but I could never see myself working on them as a job.
27. I have pretty cool blue eyes and am excited that my daughter has the same colored eyes, all the girls used to compliment me on my eyes.
28. Many people say that I am very handsome, but for some reason I dont see it, not because I have low self esteem (I definitely do not) I guess I am just not my type.
29. I prefer curvy voluptous women to the ones that look like the wind will blow them over. I think a woman should look like a woman not a little boy. Although I dont mind a more muscular woman either.
30. I was always the quiet one in high school, but I had a deviant mind.
31. I am much more of a socializer now, but I am terrified of public speaking.
32. My daughter is absolutely gorgeous, red hair blue eyes, she is going to sweep some guy off of his feet, although I am extremely protective of her and since I am 6'2" and 210lbs I can be a little intimidating.
33. I shop all the time for things that I want to buy but never actually do so, not because I dont have the money, but mainly because I always end up having buyers remorse for almost everything that I buy.
34. I switch between clean freak and slob, and now I am in my cleaning mode and have been for several months, I think it is the longest stretch that I have gone, maybe I am changing my ways.
35. I have a big mole on my shoulder, and sometimes people ask me about it but I never thought to get it removed, it is part of me now... maybe some day I will change my mind.
36. My nose is too big, at least I think so, but people say it fits my face, does that mean my face is too big?
37. I really am not self conscious.
38. I did a lot of volunteer work before I was married, mostly taking care of animals, now I spend most of my time with my family or my team.
39. I coach a high school sport, although I do not get paid for it, but I love the sport. Maybe it is redemption from the fact that I quit playing a sport that I was very good at when I got to college.
40. One of my best friends is a former player on my team. I find that I have a lot more in common with him at 19 then I do with some of my friends that are my age.
41. I spent a few years climbing rocks, but I was too scared to pursue it further... its not that I am afraid of heights, I could look over the cliff all day long, but I am afraid of falling.
42. When I was younger I would find the smallest space possible and sit and read my book, usually under a table in a corner, now I am somewhat clastrophobic.
43. I am allergic to egg whites, and for the longest time I could not figure out why mayonnaise made me sick, even though I knew it was the mayo I still continued to eat it.
44. In middle school I was sent home from school for being sick for three days in a row, for some reason even though I had the flu I did not want to miss anything in class... the nurse called my mom and told her to stop sending me, she told the nurse it was me that wanted to go so badly.
45. Despite all the sports, skiing, mountain biking, climbing, etc I have only broken one bone, a bone in my foot - falling off the front step of my house... I proceeded to cut the grass after I broke it, but could not walk the next day.
46. My first real girlfriend was when I was 17. I lost my virginity to her, we dated for a very long time. I still talk to her quite a bit.
47. I once broke up with a girl on her answering machine, it was probably one of the most spineless things that I have done, but I was in the seventh grade.
48. My family never had a lot of money, but we always had whatever we needed... it was not until years later I realized what a struggle it had been for my parents.
49. Still to this day I think that my dad can do anything.
50. I once grew my hair out into a ponytail, I looked like Steven Seagal. I cut it because a women that I worked with and admired said that I looked silly.
51. In high school I spent a lot of time at the beach surfing, today I still love the beach but have not been surfing in years because I am afraid of sharks.
52. I was caught in a small avalanche while skiing off of a cliff, I fell on the rocks on the bottom but was more upset that I broke my sunglasses then that I had a big bruise from hitting the rocks.
53. My first job was working in a small market, the owners were women and lived together... I was naive and did not figure out until years later that they were lovers.
54. My favorite place is Jackson, Wyoming... I have a picture of the Grand Tetons in my office.
55. My favorite ski resort is Alta, Utah, I also have a picture of that in my office.
56. I have several pictures of my daughter in my office, but none of my wife.
57. I cried for days after my one dog died, I am not sure how I will handle my other dog when he passes away so I try not to think about it.
58. I was extremely close to my one brother when I was growing up, but now I talk with him maybe twice a year.
59. I spent several years without a car, I would hitchhike back in forth between the town and my job.
60. I was hit by a car leaving the bar one night trying to hitchhike home... I was apparently standing in the middle of a mountain road on a curve, I was only slightly bruised from that.
61. When I was single I ruined a lot of great opportunities with women because I drank way too much at the bar.
62. I quit drinking in college and was attending AA, I did it because a girl told me that I needed to.. even though I knew it was the right thing for me to do.
63. I could not get past the fifth step of AA because I did not like the religious aspect of it.
64. I dont believe in organized religion. I tell people that I am atheist but sometimes I am not sure what I believe. I just hate the fact that people tell me to praise jesus when something good happens. I just dont believe that what happens is not because I just worked my ass off to do something but because jesus would have wanted it to happen that way.
65. I spent several years in college studying Buddhism.
66. When I move somewhere I like to understand the history of the place, I tend to know more about the history then some of the people that have lived there all their lives.
67. I am middle of the road when it comes to politics, but I hate to talk about it because I rarely agree with other people's opinions on it.
68. I love to read.
69. My favorite authors right now are Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.
70. My all time favorite book though is Look Homeward Angel. I love the imagery that Thomas Wolfe was able to convey in his writing.
71. I was a vegetarian for many years, not because of animal rights, but mainly because I wanted to be extremely healthy.
72. The first meat that I ate after becoming a vegetarian was bacon, I always loved bacon so much.
73. I have only been in two serious car accidents, although I was not hurt in either accident. I still have two small scars from where I hit something in the car.
74. My best friend in college shared the same first and middle names with me, he died this past year of a brain tumor.
75. I own 2 pairs of jeans, but I rarely wear them, when I do people tell me that they had no idea that I wore jeans.
76. I have seen only one broadway musical, Tommy, but I was supposed to go to another show that was canceled that day.
77. At one point I had 15 different email addresses, mainly because I was running a business doing web consulting work, now I am down to about 5 that I use on a regular basis.
78. I dont have a favorite color or lucky number, I just dont care enough to think about that.
79. I love watching football and have a favorite team, but I dont care enough to trash talk and am happy just to watch them play... I do get upset when they lose but at least I got to watch them.
80. When I was growing up I would climb the tree in my front yard to the top all the time, it was at least 50 feet tall, then one day I got scared and it took me a few hours to climb back down. I never climbed the tree again.
81. I have been in several earthquakes when I lived in San Francisco, but neither were anything to worry about.
82. I am loud, my daughter is loud, sometimes it annoys my wife, and sometimes I do it to annoy my wife.
83. I went through a phase where I liked to wear bright orange. It was mainly for biking but I bought a jacket that I would wear all the time.
84. My honeymoon I spent backpacking in Yellowstone, it was a disaster, but we still had a great time.
85. We had our 10th wedding anniversary in July, she bought me a card, I planned on getting her a tin covered photo album with 10 years of pictures, but still have yet to do anything about it.
86. I have a vivd memory, I can remember almost every detail of things that have happened to me in my life.
87. I own 2 watches but cant stand to have anything on my wrist, for that matter I dont like wearing any jewelry at all. I only wear my wedding ring when I am out in public.
88. I am very honest.
89. I can keep a secret.
90. I like to plan things out, its hard for me to just do something completely random, although when I do I usually enjoy it.
91. It took me several years before I actually owned a cell phone. I hated and still hate the fact that people talk where ever they are on it... I dont need to hear your conversation about how crazy your family is in the grocery store, but now I dont even own a home phone.
92. I worked in a building in San Francisco that had a catwalk at the center of the building above an atrium on each floor. Some of the guys I worked with would sit out there and wait for girls to walk across with skirts on... I always wondered why they would spend so much time out there.
93. I have terrible organizational skills.. I have tried many many times to get organized but I can never see it through.
94. I am very emotional but not all that sensitive.
95. I am a good listener, and seem to give good advice, but I will not give it unless you ask... I have learned that from many years of dealing with my bipolar wife.
96. I rarely go to the doctor, but then again I rarely have had a reason to.
97. I have one yellow tooth, the roots died from an injury, I really have no idea what happened, but I tell people it was from playing hockey. (I did hit my mouth playing hockey, but really have no idea if that is what caused it)
98. I love being a dad, but sometimes I wish I had more time to be one... I am always so busy.
99. My best man speech at my brothers wedding was a funny rhyming poem, my mom kept the sheet I wrote it on and had it laminated.
100. I have a hard time saying no to anyone, especially if they need help doing something.. I feel that people have helped me when I was in need so I should return the favor.

Whew... never thought I would make it through that. There was a lot there that I had no idea what to say and many things that I wanted to say but did not want to reveal too too much about my personal life.

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