HNT Bruised

Wish I could say that I was bruised because of some rough sex, but alas it was not that case.

I decided to play goal during last week's lacrosse game that I usually coach. I had a great time but caught a ball in the inner thigh. It did not hurt all that much when it happened and bruised quite a lot over the next week.

This is actually almost two weeks later. It was a lot worse a few days ago.

I know this is not the sexiest picture around but I wanted to share a little more of my life with you.




  1. Ouch that looks like it really hurt.

    Love those legs though.

    : )

  2. AWWW you need a kiss to make it better ;)
    Hehehe....just sayin!


  3. Ouch indeed! I hate that it takes forever for those colors to go away.

  4. Gee - I wish you could say it was because of rough sex too ;)

  5. I've gotten a bruise caused by a sport. Doesn't matter how you got it, it's a badge of honor as my old coach would put it. I would make things up as to how I got it. ;)
    Happy HNT!


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