Oyster Roast

Well its that time of year again. Time to go to an oyster roast. The weather is turning cooler, and I say cooler while most of the people that live down here will say cold because I lived in the northern states as well as the western mountain states and seen much colder temperatures then 35 at night.

Dont get me wrong, 35 is pretty cold, but when I have been camping in -5 this will be a perfect evening in front of a fire eating oysters. Since we have lived here we have been somewhat adopted by this family that invites us to all of these occasions. Fourth of July, graduation parties, the family beach house, and now the oyster roast. The family is an amazing group of people and we are happy to be a part of their group.

So I hope that everyone is going to have a happy evening, because I know my evening is going to be a good one.

Maybe I will post some pictures tomorrow of my evening, no it will not be half naked shots, but most will probably be dressed for winter.


  1. Sounds like fun.
    Also I'm good seeing you in anything. :)

  2. Glad to see things leveling off...

  3. Oysters. Aren't they supposed to be good for something..........?? hmmmmm.

    Hope you had fun!


  4. Hope you had a great time and weren't too cold!


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