My latest excuses

Seems like I have been finding a lot of excuses not to post lately.

Been really tired.
Have not been motivated.
Busy at work.
Busy at home.
No access to blogger...

But really I do not have any excuse not to post.

I want to post, its not that. There really is not a lack of motivation.
Honestly I really can not tell you why. I just have not been posting. I have a lot to say. I have written several draft posts and maybe I should just post them.

I have some great ideas for upcoming posts. I have finished my Vermont story but still left it in draft.

So anyway, here is to the start of my next wave of posts. I will start it by posting a HNT shot.

Of course you will have to wait a few hours or maybe till tomorrow to see it. I have already taken the picture, but I am going to stagger my posts so that I can finish some of the other drafts and edit some of the posts.

Anyway... hope you all like the picture.


  1. I find it tough sometimes to want to post. I write shit all the time. But sometimes I feel anti-social and just don't feel like sharing.

    If it makes you feel any better I miss reading whats going on with you.

  2. Dude you have to add my NEW blog to your list. Dump that old soccer mom. ; )


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