A Love Supreme

At some point in everyone's life we are moved by something. Moved to the point where we become obsessed with the object, whether it is music, literature, a painting etc. We feel for an instance that whatever this object is it speaks directly to me.

For me that object or obsession is John Coltrane, A Love Supreme. I first heard the record in college, when I really had no idea what Jazz was and quickly became intrigued. It was this album that inspired me to go head first into Jazz and spend the next few years persuading others to follow. It is also this album that I turn to in trying times and it helps me get my head around things.

At first I tend to lose myself in the saxophone solos, then the amazing piano playing brings me back to reality and sends chills through my spine. I know it sounds a little cliched but I feel alive when I listen to this, so when I am most depressed this makes me realize what I cherish in life.

It is said that Coltrane would meditate during his solos. He would find a religious awakening in the instrument as he mastered it's sound. There are some solos on this album that were his best meditations, where he pushed the range of the saxophone to a higher level. These are the solos that really move me.

Of course it was also my best friend who introduced me to this album. The one that I mentioned on the blog several times, yes the one that died last year. He was an inspiration to me and I love him for that, and I do not get saddened when I think about that aspect of our relationship.

I have inspired others with this album as he has me. Many of my friends from college still comment on how I started them listening to Jazz, and I hope that I can pass on this inspiration to others including my daughter.

If you have some time find a copy of A Love Supreme sit back and listen, it is truly an incredible album.


  1. I have heard of him but never listened to his music. I will have to check him out. IT you feel so deeply about it.
    : ) thanks for sharing.
    Hope all is well your way.


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