A Minor Breakthrough

My daughter spent the night at a friends house.

The last time this happened I posted about it. My wife decided to take sex completely off the table before we even went to bed.

That led to a discussion on how to fix this situation and we both decided it would take some work.

This time however it was not completely off the table. There was no discussion before bed and since it was my wife's birthday the other day and we had a great week I thought this would be a good time to try.

My wife's one rule though, mostly because she is on some medications that put her right to sleep, is that we have sex in the morning.

Morning sex is fine with me... well any sex is fine with me.

So this past Saturday I woke up a little earlier and started running my hands up and down her back.

I spent quite a while doing this until I worked up the nerve to move down.

Well maybe when I have more time I will go into the details, but there really is not much to tell.

It was a quick one, since it has been a while. I tried to make it last as long as I could but my body did not comply to well.

And of course I don't mean it was that quick, but we did not change much in the way of positions. It was just a good missionary style, slow hard fucking.

We both got to come which was what we both needed and were very happy afterward.

She even said that she was sorry that she did not want to have sex more often and that things will change.

I consider this a minor breakthrough and hopefully the start of something much much better.


  1. Hey Jack

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  2. I suffer from...let's call it, depression and felt a lot like your wife does about sex. I had no libido and it had nothing to do with my husband. I didn't even care about masturbating. Just no interest at all. A lot of it had to do with meds that I take to control the mental illness.

    I don't know if meds are playing a part in your wife's low libido but there are some depression meds that are better for libido than others.

    She should also have her hormone levels looked at. Including prolactin. It can cause low libido if it's too high.

    I wish you two the same success that my husband and I have had in reconnecting sexually.


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