Starting Weekend Early

Three a.m. this morning the neighbors down stairs started to arrive home. Not sure where they came from but they were loud and obviously impaired on something.

I woke up and could hear them through the open window. The conversation at one point was talking about driving while tripping. While driving under the influence of alcohol is bad, I could not imagine being able to drive while hallucinating.

I could smell the marijuana smoke come up through my window, something that I was not too happy to have with a 10 year old daughter asking me all types of questions.

Eventually they went to sleep and after a bit I did as well.

The next morning as I was living to go to take my daughter to school and myself to work I ran into one of the girls that I see there often. I am not sure if she lives there with the others or just visits from time to time.

She was in the hallway towards the front of the apartment building trying her hardest to open the door of one of the apartments. One that did not belong to anyone she knows.

I looked over at her with my daughter in tow and wonder what she is trying to do.

Leaning towards her a bit I tell her that she has the wrong apartment. Her reply was "I know, right." Definitely not coherent. So I tell her again that she wants the one in the back of the building and she just looks at me strangely.

Understanding that I am not getting through to her I decide to keep walking and let her figure it out. As I am going down the stairs my daughter looks up at her and so I tell my daughter to try to talk with her.

So my daughter asks if she is staying at the apartment with the two dogs and the girl looks at my daughter and asks, "what is that supposed to mean."

My daughter points to the back of the building and says you go back there and turn right, and the girl replies "I know!" but continues to try to open the door in the front.

Then she says can you help me open the door, to my daughter and my daughter tells her no and walks down the stairs where I am waiting.

As we drove away we could still see her there trying to get into the apartment in front of the building and I turn to my daughter and say, "See, that is what drugs do to you." My daughter replied, "She was rude and stupid."



  1. True. Right. And a good learning experience for your daughter.
    And you have done right as she cared enough to try to help her.

  2. Good for your daughter for seeing the truth.....comes from good parenting!


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