I woke up screaming last night.

The darkness was taking over my body in a dream and I was trying to push it away. The shadows surrounded me in a black haze and I screamed into my nightmare.

When I finally opened my eyes I was staring at the ceiling in my living room having fell asleep on the couch earlier in the evening. The darkness was still there in the shadows as I tried to go back asleep.

My heart kept pounding in my chest as my eyes closed once again on the room.

The shadows reappeared and I screamed back at them to force them from my mind.

I am not sure anyone else in the apartment heard me, at least from this morning no one has said a word yet. Hopefully my screams were only in my nightmare.

I have been stressed lately, not really myself. Concerned with a lot of my life and the decisions I have made over the past.

These thoughts haunt me from time to time. I try to tell myself that I have no regrets and that I continue to look forward and not behind me, but at times I see the choices I have made and wonder if they were the right ones.

Fortunately the nightmares do not last all that long and I come to realize what I have and know that the decisions I have made or did not make would have changed that.

For now though I am plagued by these thoughts and the stress that they bring.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


  1. Thanks Emmy... the week has gotten a lot better and hopefully the trend will continue.


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