A Morning Surprise

A soft growl woke me as the light began to stream through the shades.

"Sasha," I said, "go back to sleep."

She looked up at me from the edge of the bed and growled again.

"Fuck, it's too early to take you out."

Seeing that the light had just started streaming through the shades I knew it was before six.

Sasha stood up wagged her tail and stretched always looking cute in that way. Of course I dragged my feet out of bed and stood up, still trying to steady myself on sleepy legs.

I pulled my shorts and shirt on and grabbed my sandals as I headed for the door. The dogs sensing that they were going outside started barking and jumping around. I put on their leashes and headed outside.

After a few minutes and the dogs doing their business I was back up the stairs and into the apartment. At that time I was thinking maybe we could have sex this morning, it was still early and I could go back to bed, my wife is not working yet so I thought this would be perfect.

So I pulled off my shorts and shirt and climbed back into bed. Immediately I went over to her and put my arm around her caressing her side since she was now on her back. My hands moved across her stomach and gently tickled her skin.

She responding slightly to my touch and then asked if I could tickle her back, a favorite for her relaxation.

So she flipped over and I pulled her shirt up so that I could softly touch her back.

My hand moved along her back and under her shorts feeling the soft curves of her butt.

When she did not respond with her normal, "what are you doing?" I pulled at the waistband of her shorts allowing me better access.

Leaning over her body I kissed her on the neck and pulled her closer to me in an attempt to bring her over onto her back. She turned over as my hand went under her shirt and touched the underside of her breast moving closer to her nipple.

She smiled, a soft smile, still laden with sleep.

My fingers touched her nipples and she did not protest. I kissed her cheek and moved over top of her, pulling her shorts off as I did.

Brushing the inside of her thigh with my hand, my fingers slowly made it down to her pussy and started rubbing her clit. "Be gentle," she said, "I am really sensitive."

Slowly I rubbed her clit. "Maybe we should just have sex?" She said. "I don't think I will come otherwise."

Pulling my boxers off I placed the head of my cock at her opening and pushed slowly until it was all the way inside. Withdrawing just as slow, I wanted to prolong the feeling.

Pushing deeper and faster my cock was pounding into her now as she moaned and gripped the bed sheets. Feeling close to orgasm I slowed down and worked it slightly in and out. Then I pulled out and got on top grabbing the back of her thighs so I could watch my cock glide inside of her.

Again I moved faster until I was close to coming and slowed down to the point where I was barely moving but deep inside.

Slowly guiding it in and out of her I watched as I pushed deep. Her breasts bounced as my pace quickened once again and I told her I was close. Not wanting it to end I again slowed down and let the feeling last.

A few more minutes of this and I could not hold out any longer, pushing as fast and hard as I could I watched her breasts bounce and told her I was about to come. I am not sure why we decide to tell our partners at that moment, but it always seems to be the thing to do.

With one final push I released inside of her. We sat in that position for a little longer until I asked if she was ready and then pulled out of her.

We both got cleaned up and I jumped in the shower, still with plenty of time to get to work.

On the way out the door I told her that I loved her like I do every morning and smiled as the door closed behind me.

Later in the day, I texted her that I had fun this morning and I told her that I loved her again.

A few minutes later the phone buzzed, apparently my daughter read the text that I sent and wanted to know what kind of fun I had with mommy that morning.

A few more years and then I will have to tell her, until then, all we said was that we had a really good conversation.


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