Not a Monumental Occasion

So this is my 100th post and it is not a monumental occasion. I was trying to be witty or funny or informative or anything but what I am about to write about but I just have not been in the mood for anything.

Truth is, I have been depressed. No, not badly where I need professional help, although I do think that maybe a therapist would help. I just have been feeling down lately.

There has been a lot on my mind and things have been a little difficult emotionally recently. Of course the majority of my issues are financial. It was not all unexpected. With the move and the wife not working we knew that at some point things were going to get a little tough and actually we have been doing pretty well for the most part but it has finally caught up with us.

It has only been six weeks since my wife started working again and we were spending quite a bit getting things straightened out with the new place and the new life here in the mountains, so inevitably we knew we would face some sort of financial crunch. I just was not as prepared for it as I wanted to be.

We burned through our savings and now I am looking at trying to rebuild it, but of course this stresses me out. Its a ruthless cycle. The summer is always a tough one for us. Like most families we spend more on everything during the summer, but usually we have a savings for this. This year has been a little harder. So I have declared us over budget and now we have to reel in the difference.

And that is the majority of my depression.

The other part of my depression is my motivation. This is the reason that it has been so long between posts. And it is not only this blog that has been suffering. I have business clients that I design web sites for and I have not been doing any work on the sites in quite a while. I also have another business venture that I have been working on for over a year now and still am quite a bit behind.

The depression causes me to lose motivation, then I get depressed because I have not spent any time on the things that I enjoy doing, like this blog or designing websites.

At least I have been able to enjoy the new location and the mountains, and I know that we will get back on track financially in the coming months. Most importantly I realize my depression and the symptoms and have been working to make myself feel better, living with someone that has severe depression I know what a downward spiral it can be sometimes.

So for this 100th post of my blog, I apologize for not being funny, or witty or informative or even naked, although that may have to come tonight since it is Thursday. I just do not feel much of anything right now but do know that I am on the way up again.

Hope everyone had a happy 4th!


  1. No need to apologize. We appreciate the update, and we hope things get easier soon. We have experienced similar things recently, and to some extent we understand what you are going through. While a lapse in blogging is occasionally to be expected, I would caution you against neglecting your clients if only because they may be the key to a little financial breathing room.

    1. So true... I actually emailed one of my clients today to talk about updates and they are sending me a check. So I am hopefully on the upswing again.

  2. Happy 100th! Motivated or not, you did it. Knowing the reasons for being depressed, doing something about them and seeing light at the end of the tunnel, are all good things.

  3. Woohoo for 100th! You've made it further than many bloggers, and I hope you'll continue. It doesn't have to be witty... I adore hearing what's going on in your head, no matter what that is! I hear you on the money front - hubby's laptop died and he decided he had to have a new Apple. Eek! So we're on the austerity budget now, too. Here's to better days for us all!


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