Quite Aromatic...

Not typically what I would use to describe the female aroma, but that is exactly what my wife used the other day when she was talking about her period.

We were sitting on the bed talking about our upcoming anniversary, when she started talking about trying to get her depo shot once again. When we first moved out here we talked about having another child and while I am not sure I really do want another child, I went along with what she was thinking at the time.

So she stopped her birth control and we waited for her periods to return to normal. She was on depo-provera for the past year or so and the doctors said it could take months before she returns to normal. During this time we have determined that part of her emotional issues were caused by hormones and that despite wanting to have another child her mental health is more important.

Unfortunately she was still supposed to wait for her next period to get her shot, mainly due to the fact that the depo could cause serious birth defects if given when pregnant.

Also it is not as effective initially and there is a chance that if we had sex during this time she could still get pregnant.

Well there we were sitting on the bed talking about our anniversary, when the subject of her period came up. She explained that she was feeling all the tell tale signs of the cycle, cramps, fatigue, irritability, etc and she thought for sure it would happen last week. But it was the last thing that she said that made us cringe and laugh at the same time.

"Plus," she said, "I am quite aromatic down there." Phew, I thought, that is not something that I really wanted to hear about. Smell can be a sex killer as I can attest to personally.

Although in reality a strong feminine odor is rather intoxicating, however you should never confuse feminine odor with actual body odor which is a whole other subject for a better day.

We both had a good laugh over that one, and now that she is back on the shot, hopefully our sex life will get back on track.


  1. Aromatic? That's an adjective I haven't heard used for that. Don't you just love the conversations two people who are totally comfortable with each other can have?


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