A Sunday Conversation

While at breakfast yesterday I brought up how I wanted to try to make some extra money. Financially we are doing okay, but we rarely do anything fun and I would like to have some spending cash to buy the things that I want and not always what I need.

So I brought up an idea of publishing some ebooks. Maybe some short stories, I already have ideas for several and a novel that I would like to write some day.

I have been doing some research on how to accomplish this and have been putting some of my ideas in writing. One of the interesting facts was that Romance is the top seller on almost every ebook site.

So I mentioned this to my wife. I told her about wanting to write and that the best way to make money would be romance and she laughed and said, "You would not be a very good romance writer."

I just smiled back at her and thought if she only knew. Maybe I would not be the best romance writer but I would say that I have been writing erotica for a while now.

It was then that I almost told her about the blog, but I knew there were other things on here that she would not understand.

She is still very sensitive when it comes to her idea of sex. Just to give you an idea, we were watching the Big Bang Theory the other night and she made the comment about Howard being sexist and I said well he is just always horny. She replied that it makes her uncomfortable given her current attitude towards sex.

I did think about writing about our relationship and how to deal with her depression and bipolar, somewhat like a self-help book written from the perspective of the spouse.

We shall see what happens. I may write some stories and see how they do, I can always fall back on erotica. Well not necessarily according to my wife, ha!


  1. Whoa... I am... wow! She does know the man I see in here! This reminds me of when another blogger's wife called him a prude! Ah.... no! We got a smoking hot HNT out of that. Best of luck with the ebooks!


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