On the verge..

I feel like I am forever on the verge of greatness but never actually reaching it.

Its like those movies that start out with the people that are always down on their luck. Their apartment is in shambles, their job is completely mundane and their life is never moving forward.

The camera focuses on the hand of the protagonist as it hangs off the bed the dog licking his fingers. As the camera pans out we see the half naked person with the tattered covers hanging mostly off their overweight frame. He is smiling dreaming of some erotic scene of a supermodel licking his fingers instead of the dog that just finished cleaning herself in the corner of the room.

In walks the wife in a dirty terry cloth robe scratching the underside of her breast. She steps in a puddle left by the dog in the middle of the night and curses at the mutt.

We flash to breakfast, the family is now eating around the television, arguing over who was supposed to take the dog out the night before and who's fault it was leaving sour milk in the fridge.

At some point they all realize they are late and scramble out the door.

This is when as they are backing out of the driveway they run over the bike left there from the day before breaking it to pieces and flattening the tire of the car.

The story goes on like this until something amazing happens, it does not matter the specifics, it could be a winning lottery ticket, a new job offer, a relative that died and left a fortune to the family. Whatever it is the family is now thrust into the spotlight where they are living a fat life, until something majorly bad happens and they are flung back to earth worse than where they were before.

Of course they learn a lesson along the way and that is family is rich whether they have money or not...

I think I am rambling now, but the point I am trying to make is that we are not too far away from that family and while we have not had anything as amazing as what I have mentioned we have been giving many opportunities to make our life great only to somehow manage to never quite get ahead.

Sometimes I wonder if I am not trying hard enough or maybe expecting too much to happen. We are after all living a normal life, but never seem to be able to do exactly what we want.

For now I guess we will always be on the verge of greatness... hopefully someday we will cross that line and become truly great.


  1. I think I've seen that movie, doesn't Kevin Spacey star in it! :)


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