All the people I have had sex with...

I saw this on Nerve and thought it would be interesting to list this for myself... The names of course are changed, but the stories are true.

Mary - She was my first girlfriend, I was 17 when I met her and had barely any experience. We were both virgins. I went down on her in her parents basement a few weeks into dating. We spent a lot of time with foreplay. We finally did the deed in her bed a few months into our relationship. Her brother walked in on us. We had a lot of sex and experimented with quite a few different situations. She was also the first person I had anal sex with. We still talk occasionally and had cyber sex a few years back.

Susan - Basically a one night stand in college. I met her at a toxic waste party at a fraternity house, she was wearing a tyvek suit with  absolutely nothing on underneath. After we had sex in my loft with my roommate about five feet away, I found out she was a complete slut. She used my sheets to clean the come off her and borrowed some clothes to get her home. I ended up getting crabs from her and while she wanted to have sex with me again a few month later I turned her down for obvious reasons.

Kim - I was in love with Kim, she had the most incredible blue eyes. She was also the first real girl that I dated after my breakup with Mary. Our sex was great, although she was completely unshaven and had a very hairy pubic region. When I would go down on her sometimes I would find bits of toilet paper caught in her hair. We did quite a bit together, she really liked when I licked her ass. She was a year ahead of me in college and the summer after she graduated we broke up. When I saw her again years later she had changed quite a bit from the college days and while I still felt something for her it was definitely not love.

Mary again - After Kim left Mary and I became fuck buddies. We basically tried to find every excuse in the book to get together and have sex. It was pretty amazing, although she still had intense feelings for me and I basically just wanted amazing sex. The blowjob in the car was the best, although I almost crashed into a tree when I climaxed.

Kate - I met Kate while working at a ski resort in California. She was still in college and I had just graduated and was living with a friend in a town that had a 6 to 1 ratio of guys to girls. She came up with her friends and I asked her out the first time I saw her. She would come to visit from time to time and stay with me. We never technically had sex but we did a lot of other things. There was penetration one night when we were both pretty drunk but I stopped after she told me that she did not want to have sex. I fell in love with her, but she had some major family issues and had no intention of a long term relationship. I saw here a few times after I moved to the city but the spark was never there again.

Margaret - Margaret was amazing. She was incredibly smart and we had the same interests. Her personality was amazing and while she may have not been the best looker, she was still very pretty. We hit it off pretty quickly, although I had just moved to the city and still sort of had feelings for Kate. The biggest problem with Margaret is that she became my best friend and sex started to feel awkward. She also had severe halitosis and I had a hard time getting passed that.

Lisa - Another one night stand, I do not remember much of our night together. My friend had sent me a mexican quaalude and she was on ecstasy. She asked me to get her cigarettes when we first arrived at her apartment, but when I left not knowing the neighborhood I got lost going back. When she answered the door she was wearing a robe that was open and completely naked underneath. We fucked like rabbits that night although the drug had an effect on me and while I was hard I never did climax. At one point in the evening she told me to hurt her, that was my first time introducing pain into sex. We also had anal sex, although I do not think she was quite ready for it. We both enjoyed it completely though. In the morning when I was leaving I could not find my apartment keys having apparently giving them to my roommate so I left her my number in case she found them. A few weeks later she called and wanted to get together. I met her but had no feelings at all and did not want to have sex with her again.

Steph - My wife. I met my wife at a bar in the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco. We took our times before having sex. We pretty much did everything else up until the point we were ready to have sex. The sex was fantastic. A few months after we started dating she moved to New York. (if you have read this blog for a while you know most of the story) We had sex again when she came out to visit and took pictures which I still secretly have.

Tessa - Tessa was the sexiest girl I knew in college. Even the way she walked just was so seductive. Maybe it was the olive skin, or maybe it was the innocent way she looked at you, I do not know. We kissed in college but since I had a girlfriend it never went any further. I ran into her one day after moving back to the east coast and the feelings were still there. We sort of dated but basically we just had sex. Even the sex with her was so seducing if that makes any sense. She moved to the west coast which I found ironic since I had just moved back east.

Alana - Alana was 6'2" and that was basically the only reason I wanted to have sex with her. I had never been with a woman that was taller than me and since I was 6'2" when she wore heels I did have to look up at her. We spent quite a bit of time together since she lived close by. The sex was fun, if not a bit awkward in my twin bed. I stopped calling her after she called me a schmuck for changing lanes in the Holland Tunnel. Granted I probably should not have done that it was still a little harsh for her to call me a schmuck.

Carla - Carla was very Italian, living in Jersey. She was pretty but completely arrogant. We made out like school kids leaning against her car outside a bar in Totawa. We had that what the fuck moment where we both just wanted to have sex and we did. It was quite fantastic, she rode me like crazy. Although we were both pretty drunk and the whiskey left me without a climax, the sex lasted quite a long time. I tried to make a friends with benefits relationship work with her but she was an alcoholic and ended up crashing her car into a tree, losing her license in the process. Friends with benefits does not work too well if I have to drive her everywhere she needs to go. We still remained good friends until I moved back West.

Mary (third and final time) - Acting like a complete dick I seduced her into my bed again and had some incredible sex with her. She wanted way more than I was willing to give even though I had promised her I would be there for her again...

Robin - She worked where I was volunteering and after talking with her on the phone quite a bit she asked me out. We spent a few nights together in her office in heavy petting sessions. After I introduced her to my friends she fell in love with one of my best friends. We finally had sex at her going away party, even after she was spending time with my friend. The last time I saw her we spent the night together in my friends place in Vermont. I passed out on her and she left before I woke up.

And now back to Steph, although its not that often that we have sex these days.


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