I have realized my tastes have changed over the years.

Now that I am in my forties I am starting to look more at the older women as my tastes have begun to change. Of course I think that a nice young attractive woman is an amazing site, but these days I like to see how a woman matures.

Many people think that a guy gets more attractive as they age, while many think that women want to always look younger. I am the type of person that likes how beautiful a woman can by as they get older.

To me my wife has become more attractive, she is gorgeous.

While I thought she was gorgeous before I look at her now and see that she is definitely aging well.

Even though she is somewhat of a ginger she still looks amazing.

I have also seen my taste in porn change. From the tight young teens that I used to view years ago to the more amateur type older mature porn. I like to see real woman engaged in real sex.

Porn to me is almost always too fake. Fake boobs, fake hair, fake women, fake orgasms, maybe back in the day I could watch that stuff but now I just end up turned off.

I have told my wife how pretty she looks and how beautiful she has become and she just laughs and talks about how old she is getting.

It is sad that society has created this stigma. Maybe some day we will stop trying to change ourselves to what we think beautiful is.


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