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Friends Gone, but Not Forgotten

Years ago it was easy for me to make friends. There were common interests involved and you spent time in some particular location doing the same thing for a period of time and you would meet someone with the same interests.

But when you have a family and your life is more sporadic you tend to rely on meeting people at your place of employment or your neighborhood or some other location that you frequent.

As most of you know I moved out west by way of the south and pretty much had to start over in my friendships.

We live in an apartment complex and while many people that live there have common interests it is much more transient than living in a neighborhood. People have come into our lives by way of our daughter but quickly fade as they move on to buying houses and leaving the complex.

I work with many people that I would consider having a friendship with but the nature of our work is that we are on the road for a good period of the year and therefore when we get back to our home we spend more time with our families and less time with coworkers.

Also I am right in the middle of my age group at work and there are only a few that have families and would have other common interests.

So unfortunately I have had a hard time making friends.

If you knew me in my vanilla life you would wonder how that could be. I tend to talk to everyone I meet and always make new friends, but this time it has been difficult.

There was one exception. A person I met at work, who is the same age, just got married and has much of the same interests.

We started going to lunch and spending some time together outside of work and really got to know each other and our mutual wives.

And then his wife got a job and they ended up moving all the way on the other side of the earth, and I am not saying they moved to the east coast, they literally moved to the other side of the world.

The kind of place that is now in the middle of winter. Where it is actually tomorrow right now from my time zone.

Of course I am glad that we met and with the internet we will stay in touch. Also we can have a really cool place to visit, but basically I am left to find another friend to hang out with.

At least I had a good year and met some great people during that time.

Actually he introduced me to a few of his friends that I may try to keep in touch with as well, we shall see.

Another friend gone, but not forgotten.


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