What I am drinking...

I live in a state that has lots of craft beers.

Where basically almost every town has a microbrewery and some have more than one.

Living in this state I have sample quite a few of the local brews but have not found that one that I really completely utterly love.

Yes, there are a few that I would drink a lot of, but nothing that completely stands out as the best beer that I have had.

Therefore I am always on the quest to find one that when I put to my lips I am completely lost in its flavor.

Am I asking too much, maybe. Of course there are beers for all occasions and moods, so maybe there will be a list at the end of my quest.

For now I will post one that I have found on a recent trip that I enjoy more than the others I have sampled...

Terrapin Hopsecutioner - Athens, GA - Unfortunately it is only available in 13 states right now and I now live far enough away that I will only be able to enjoy it when I travel.

If you live in one of those states definitely try it out, go to their website and find out where it is being sold. If you like smooth hoppy beer, yes its smooth and hoppy, try this one.


  1. I'll look for it. It's probably in FL, if they brew in Georgia. Rouge is probably my favorite small brewery. Although, they may not be all that small now. Dead Guy is delicious!


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