Hotel Horniness

Not sure why I always feel this way when I travel but it never fails that traveling makes me horny.

Is it that I am away from home and can play in a way that I have free range of the hotel room without being caught? I am not sure what happens in my mind but it always happens this way.

I have never acted on any of my thoughts or desires while traveling, although sometimes I wonder if something was presented for me would I take the opportunity.

I usually start out by checking craigslist for anything of interest. Although I still have yet to respond to any ad, but I have come close.

The desire has been there, but I guess I still have yet to cross that line and not sure I am willing to do so.

The funny thing is I feel like chatting all the time when I get lonely. I love to video chat in the hotel room but its been so long since I have had a person to do that with.

So I usually spend some time checking out the blogs I have not read in a while or watching porn and spending a lot of time with myself.

This trip is a long one, seems to be starting the same way as normal.

Maybe like I said before I will snap some pictures while I am playing in the hotel room.

I will definitely be posting a few stories over the coming days.

Here's to traveling...


  1. Very nice Bader! You should cum visit Kitty if you are ever out my way ;)

  2. Thank you so much Kitty... You will be the first to call if I am ever in your area.

  3. Hubba hubba! I like what hotel rooms get you to do!


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