Finding the time

I find myself struggling to keep up on things that I once enjoyed.  My reasons are not that I do not want to keep writing and updating and keeping in touch with friends and such... all of these I have failed on in the past few months.

But mainly because I work, come home, clean, take care of my daughter, cook dinner, clean up after dinner and by that time I am too tired to do anything else. 

My life is great, do not think that I am complaining, but I am just busy living.

My routine is the same almost every day and I actually do not mind doing all the work.  Sometimes I do wish that I could find the energy to keep updating the blog and keep in touch with all my friends.  Maybe I need to add this to my routine and stick with the plan.

I have not even kept up on the other blogs that I used to read on a regular basis. I read bits and pieces here and there but some of them I am so lost. 

Some of the other blogs have also gone away or have not been updated recently, and then I am left with trying to find some new writers to entertain myself.

I had every intention of catching up yesterday but found myself baking cookies at 8 p.m.

Granted the cookies were delicious but it left me a bit further behind.

I cant make excuses for not being around.  Like I said I have just been busy living, but I am going to try harder do be here.

Maybe I will join in some of the fun ways to keep the interest going.

So here is to a happy October.  Halloween is my wife's favorite month... if only I could get her to dress up for me once in a while. ;-)


  1. Ohhh, I love dressing up. And cookies. :)

    1. Eating cookies with Bella dressed up in some wonderful outfit.. sounds like a fantasy come true for me ;)

  2. You're cute (about the wife dressing up). I too have been away from blogging for too long. But in my case it isn't because I am too busy. Part of it might be that I now have a smart phone. For me it is more a case of being lazy. Perhaps that's not the right word but....unlike you..I don't do much of anything. No energy? I don't know. I do hope to get back to it as it is one of the few things I really enjoy.

    1. It's tough to stay motivated at times. I found myself in the same situation and then I get busy. So one week behind turns to two and ends up being a month. I think for me I am starting to find my motivation again. And of course it helps when people like you and Bella find their way back here again...


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