To be wanted...

Is it our desire to be wanted, to be pleased?

Sometimes I wonder if that is all that I need.  Even just to be acknowledged that I exist.

I flirt, that is what I do.  I do it because I want others to feel the same way that I do.  That there is a person out there that finds me interesting or attractive.

I enjoy the conversation.  I listen to them when they talk.  I am not there just to pick them up although it is fun to make those types of suggestions.

Maybe it comes from the fact that I like to talk.  Maybe it is because I do not feel that I am getting the attention at home.

My wife always said I was a flirt.  She knew that before we were married so she understands if I still do it.

I would never consider myself a player but I like to work the room when I am at an event or a party.  Make small talk with people, observe their behavior.

Sometimes I just sit back and watch.  That is probably the most useful for me.  Observe people's reactions to other people's conversations.  It is amazing how you can pick up boredom just from the way a person stands.

It is at those times that I may approach and rescue the person, seems to work wonders for a conversation.

Again my wife confuses confidence for arrogance.  I never consider myself arrogant, I just like to talk with new people.

Maybe it is because I like to think that my conversation was interesting and that maybe she finds me attractive.  Either way it is a far cry from when I was younger and never talked with anyone.

My wife seems to have so many other things on her mind... and I never seem to be one of them.


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