A Chance Encounter

I typically take the back way to work.  One that takes me past the open space that begins in the foothills. 

It is a beautiful drive without much traffic at all.

One part of the drive takes me past the parking lot that leads to the hiking trails along the side of the hills.  It is a fairly well used area and usually has quite a few cars parked there.  Although in the morning there are only a few.

This morning I thought about an arrangement to meet there.  Maybe the beginning of a relationship, a rendezvous spot.  The lovers could drive their respective cars on the way to work in the morning and pull up along side.

One would get out and enter the others and they would play.

I wondered how many times that has happened at this particular area.  It is not all that remote but enough that you would not be noticed.  You would have to leave the parking lot in order to have real fun, but there are so many choices from there that it would be easy to use this as the meeting place.

I like to people watch and this place would be perfect to formulate stories to the pairs of drivers that show up there.  Of course not everyone would be meeting for a romantic tryst but a few might be.

This gets me wondering what it would be like to meet a lover here.

To have a woman enter my truck and we drive off together to find a more secluded spot.  A spot we could lose all inhibitions and have passionate wild sex.

And then I can drop her back off and we can go our respective ways to our own families and be left with the thoughts of our passionate day with no one being the wiser to our chance encounter.


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