Body Modifications

As a person open to different types of relationships and sexual activities I am pretty liberal when it comes to a person's choice for their body.

But really what is with all the tattoos and body piercings these days. 

Going downtown recently I realized that being the one person without a tattoo or body piercing I was the one who was not normal.

I don't mind a few tattoos, in fact I like seeing a girl with nice tats but when your entire arm is covered and some look like prison ink I think that is too much.

Sitting by the pool yesterday I saw some tats I really liked and some women that I could not even figure out what they were trying to say with all the ink.

I know its a personal choice and I think that you are trying to express yourself but there seems to be a lot of bad ink.

Also, tongue piercings, ears, belly button, clitoral, nipples even the eyebrow piercings I can live with, but when you have a hole in your ear or if you have a hoop in your nose I can not sit there and talk with you on any level.

I just can't take anyone seriously when they have a hoop sticking out of their nostrils.  It makes you look like a bull and not a woman.  And a hoop on your lip, why would you do that?  Or the dreaded stud on your chin, I even saw a girl that had a point sticking out of her chin.  She was otherwise beautiful but again when I saw that I just would not be able to get past staring at her chin.

Why do people do these things to their body.

I sound like an old man, but really back in my day the only people that did this type of things were the punk rockers.  They even had shows about the body mod people on cable.  Now it seems that it is all too common.

Like I said I am pretty liberal when it comes to these types of things but sometimes a more subdued look is much better than have a tat sleeve.

Sorry, end of my rant.


  1. I completely agree! Your body is your own, do with it what you will but I don't get it either. And the studs on the upper lip...ummm no thanks.


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