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A Bit Under the Weather

Just when I thought things were getting back to normal and I was going to be able to post on a daily basis I get sick. It is pretty much the way things happen. Of course I believe that it was probably the stress over the last few weeks that helped fuel the illness, but today I feel a bit better but still under the weather.

This weekend was great though. We had a busy one, a high profile breakfast with some dignitaries. A work party that was lots of fun and we met some great people, and to top it all off we bought a car.

I know most of you do not know my back story but because of some financial issues we only had my truck and the motorcycle between my wife and I. Living in the south we made it work because the winter does not get that cold, but after the fiasco with my motorcycle and realizing that the truck was getting older, we decided to take the insurance money and buy a car.

We only went to look but like always Saturday night ended with us driving off the lot in a new (used) car. We are very happy and a lot less stressed about trying to figure out how to make one car work in our family.

It will make so many things that much easier, but will still be a little bit of a financial strain. We will make it work though, I have no doubts, but like everything it will be an adjustment. My wife told me when we were negotiating with the salesman about price that I looked as if I was going to pass out.

This is the first major purchase we have made since all of our financial problems happened a year ago, so I was very cautious and a little sick. But in the end I think we made the right choice.

Hopefully I will be feeling better in the next day or so or you may see my stuffed up red nose and chapped lips in the next HNT post.


  1. A little less stress is always a good thing. Feel better soon!

  2. I hope you feel better soon too! I read something once that talked about men having buyer's regret whenever they make a big purchase. It is normal for men I think so don't beat yourself up.

  3. Hope you will be better soon!


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