No HNT post this week...

As the title says... I am way to busy this week to do anything other then post this message. I am planning on writing and publishing several posts over this weekend so I may post a HN shot at some point, just not tomorrow.

I know I will disappoint some of you but I promise to make it up to everyone with a spectacular HN picture over the weekend.

Also you may have noticed a drop in posts, it is only because I have been in training for the past week and have not had a chance to even do so much as check my email every night. I have had about an hour of computer time in the last few days.

Again I promise to make it all up to you over the next few days.

A HN shot, a sexy story, and some stories about my life.

I promise...


  1. Will be back to check out the next HNT

  2. Hmmmm.... promise made.... looking forward to the delivery! ;)

  3. That is awesome. Try not to work too hard.

    See you soon


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