To Start a Great Week

Today I started a class that I needed to take for my job. We have been trying to get this class for the past few years and the company has not found the time to let us take it because the job that I am working has not specifically required it, but it would be much better if we had it.

So we had the perfect time, between contracts, where we could get the training in. I found a local class so there would be no traveling, and was excited to take it. I figured on leaving early, getting to the campus to find a good parking space since I was riding my motorcycle and finding the building.

Everything was going well, until campus security showed up about half way through the day to tell me that someone had ran into my bike and it was now lying on its side in the parking lot where it leaked all the fluids from the engine.

They actually tracked me down through my license plate and witnesses saw the person that did it so I went out to talk to them. Of course the person was claiming their girlfriend was driving the car, and they could not remember their last name, which seems to be a bullshit story. But they did admit it was definitely their car that hit my bike, so I do not think that will matter much.

Since my bike is my only means of transportation for the most part. I do have a truck but my wife drives it. I have to rely on other people to drive me around until they can get me a rental car on the other drivers policy, which hopefully will be tomorrow.

Needless to say, while the class and the situation surrounding the class is good, the day was not a great one for me.

Hope everyone had a better day then I did.


  1. Sounds like a bad day but it could have been worse. I mean, least you know your last name.

  2. That is crap... :( Hope it gets better as the week goes on!

  3. That's terrible! I'm so sorry.

  4. Well, that just sucks! Hope your week gets much better.

  5. That freakin sucks. I hope they have insurance and things go smoothly. and it doesnt get drug out forever. Having to rely on others for transportation sucks.

    Is it at least sunny where you are? That always makes me smile.


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