HNT - Redundant

Well I know I posted a shot like this in the past, but this is one that I took last week. With being sick over the last 24 hours I did not feel like taking a picture last night.
Of course this one is a little more revealing then the one I posted earlier and it is a new shot, but maybe a little more of the same. I have a great idea for a shot that I wanted to do last night but it may have to wait until I feel a little better.

Anyway, happy HNT!



  1. You may not feel well buy you look FABULOUS! Nothing wrong with being more revealing. Nothing at all. ;)

  2. Love your hairy chest. and the extra somethin somethin in the photo is always awesome!

    Hope you get to feeling better.

  3. A-hem....well, that is a very, VERY sexy shot. I love the fact you didn't show everything - just enough of a glimpse to start the wheels in the mind moving.
    Hope you are feeling better!
    Happy HNT!

  4. You did well posting a shot when you've been feeling crappy! HHNT x

  5. Dude...I SO want a piece of that!

  6. Redundant? I don't think anyone is going to complain. You, my dear, are H-O-T!

  7. ok. I'm in.

    Just sayin.

    Feel better soon and congrats on the new ride!


  8. ::gulp:: I mean .. hawt... very very hawt...
    (it took me like four times to type that .. can you stutter type?)

  9. Very sexy. A few inches lower this week? (kidding).
    Happy belated. :)


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