"So how come you are not dancing," I asked her as she leaned against one of the tables in the dark corner of the room.

"Because I am shy," She replied.

"What does that have to do with dancing?" I asked, smiling as I said it. It was funk night at the bar and the dance floor was filled with people bouncing to the beat.

I had noticed her before in front of the ladies room running her fingers through her long blond hair. Something that she did for many years after we met. I finally had the nerve to go up to talk with her and with my friend in tow we both were talking with girls from her party.

We stared at each other for a brief moment before I heard my friend say, "hey do you want to get out of her." They were sisters we found out and lived not too far from where my friend had an apartment. "We can go back to my place and then you guys can share a cab home," he pointed to me and the girls. "Sure," they both nodded in agreement.

Back at my friends the conversation turned from the dance floor to the outdoors. My friend and the girl's sister were directing the conversation as I and my new found interest were just trading glances at each other. "I'm practically married," I heard my friend state, and was not sure why he suddenly felt the need to make that declaration. It had its effect, since shortly after our party was broken up by the sister saying maybe its time to go.

Since my apartment was within walking distance of the sisters apartment I told them I would share a cab with them and head home from there. We called a cab and said our goodbyes to my friend and left the apartment. I sat up front in the cab not sure if there would be anymore to the evening as the sisters talked in the backseat.

When we arrived at the apartment the girl I was interested in said, "You can come upstairs if you want." Of course I did not need much persuading and I found myself sitting in their kitchen a few minutes later with the sister explaining that she was tired and going to bed.

It was my birthday the other day, she said, and proceeded to show my some of her presents, one of which caught my eye. It was a movie on the return of the wolf to Yellowstone.

"You like wolves," I said. "They are my favorite as well."

"Sure," she replied sarcastically thinking that I was just trying to get her in bed.

"No really, I even have a tie with wolf howling at the moon." She laughed at that and the next thing I knew she pushed up against me as I leaned into the counter and kissed me. I leaned back into her kiss and held her close. Our lips parted for a few seconds and I heard her say, "that was nice."

I kissed her again as I realized my feet were slipping on the mat that she had for the sink. She laughed as I straightened it up and we embraced again. The mat slipped again and we laughed together as once again I bent down to fix it. "I need to go to bed," she said and I knew that tonight was not going to be my night, so I asked for her number.

She wrote it down on a ripped piece of paper and led me to the door. I kissed her again and she stood in the doorway for a second and then turned and vanished back into the apartment. Walking down the hill to my apartment, I caught myself smiling and thinking about her standing there. It was only a week later that we went out again and I realized that I was falling in love with her.

***This is the true story of how I met my wife. We have been married for 12 years now and despite all the issues we have I still love her the way I did when I first met her. I still think about that day and see her fixing her hair in front of the ladies room door. She was beautiful back then and still is now.


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