Music Tames the Savage Beast

I watch too much TV. I admit it. It is a problem that I have.

For years I did not even own a TV, let alone have any idea what was actually on. Now, however, it is all that I do when I come home from work.

It helps me unwind. It keeps my mind off the other issues that I have in my life and I get lost in some of the stories that I watch.

Of course there are only a handful of channels and a few programs that I watch all the time, and many others that I will not even remotely come near when they are on.

I pretty much hate all reality TV. All the stupid make me a star programs are redundant and overplayed. In fact I do not watch much network TV at all.

But enough about TV. What I need to do is stop turning it on when I get home.

Recently I have been trying to listen to music while I do other things around the house, like clean or read and that typically puts me in a much better mood than when I watch TV.

It definitely changes the mood of the rest of the evening.

Sometimes I even stream my music at work and that makes the day go incredibly fast.

I cycle through my music depending on how I feel, but some days I just need some of my go to artists.

Today it's Jimi Hendrix. Other days its John Coltrane or Miles Davis... if I really feel like it I listen to some heavy guitar jazz like the Mahavishnu Orchestra, or even some of the Flamingo guitarists like Paco De Lucia.

Of course sometimes a little Grateful Dead will suit my mood. I was once a pretty big deadhead, even following them around a bit. Its not everyday that I feel like listening to them but some days it just takes me back to the times I had with some good friends and good music and I smile.

Maybe tonight when I get home, instead of turning on the TV I will play some music... who knows what mood I will be in so I have no idea which direction I will go... maybe a little Frank Zappa.


  1. I have two tv's, but I have no antenna or cable, so they only thing they're used for is watching movies.

    I *hate* mindless television watching. It drains the energy from me.

    Music is always on in my home. I have speakers in every room, including the bathroom. Well, that's a given, considering how much you know I love my baths! *wink*

    I LOVE John Coltrane and Miles Davis! Don't know Mahavishnu Orchestra. You may have to send me some to listen to.

    Good to see you back and posting again.


  2. I can try to share out my playlist for google music, or just send you a few songs. A few of the guys in the orchestra played on the Miles Davis Bitches Brew session... so you may have heard many of them already.


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