The Conference

She sat a few tables in front of me. I noticed her glance back as she sat down.

Was she looking for me I could not tell, but I could see her eyes search the room briefly.

The lights dimmed in the conference hall and I used the opportunity to get up and slide into the open seat next to her. Her head tilted toward me but it was too dark for her to make out exactly who was taking the seat.

The presenter started up, the video was being introduced.

My hand fumbled underneath the table. There was a large tablecloth that hung down almost clear to the floor making it impossible to see what I was doing.

I felt in the dark until I hit the hem of her skirt. She moved her leg slightly away as if it was an accidental brush.

I moved closer as I touched the top of her bare knee. She did not move this time but I could feel her look toward me. Still she could not make out who was touching her leg now in the darkness of the hall.

Moving my hand up to her thigh I could sense her anticipation as she spread her legs slightly.

My fingers pushed the material of her skirt further up her leg as I got closer to my goal.

The video was in full force now and all the heads were on the screen in front of the hall, and no one was the wiser to what my hand was doing under the table.

Closer I moved my hand up until I felt her inner thigh as she moved her legs further apart. The tips of my fingers brushed her labia since she had taken her panties off long before entering the room.

She let out a soft moan trying to conceal her excitement by biting her lip. Slowly I pushed her lips apart and found her clit. Starting in a circular motion I moved my fingers around her clit feeling her wetness.

Faster, I picked up the pace as I could feel her start to tremble a little.

She was leaning back in her chair now pushing harder on my fingers wanting to cum for me in a room full of people.

My hand was moving faster and faster as my fingers felt her warmth and entered her pussy.

A loud moan escaped her lips and a few heads turned towards her. Still the darkness of the hall and the sound of the video did not allow us to be revealed.

Her body moved against my hand harder and my hand moved faster until I could feel her tremble and withdraw slightly. Her head fell forward and she tensed as she climaxed.

I pulled my hand away just as the speaker was starting to talk again. The lights were turned up slightly has the started to introduce the second video. It was my cue to leave.

Grabbing my bag off the floor I placed the panties that she had given me just moments before entering the hall in her bag next to her chair. I then stood up and walked out of the room. There was no look back but I knew she was smiling.

What a way to start a business meeting.


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