I have to admit. I have quite a crush on a fellow blogger. I admitted it to her today while chatting with her on my google chat. I owe quite a bit to her and the other bloggers that have followed her over the years but I have also been an avid reader of her blog and admirer of her posts and pictures and everything else.

Her blog has been mentioned on here before but I felt that I should mention her again, because she has inspired me to maintain a constant update of my life on here no matter what I write about.

We also had a discussion regarding posting pictures again. I had this idea a while back but never did post any pictures. Since we no longer have half nekkid Thursday I thought that maybe I would start posting some of the outtakes of those photos. You know the ones that you try to take and the flash goes off too soon, or the angle is not right or you almost knock yourself out trying to take a naked picture of you while doing a handstand.

So to start this and hopefully keep it going after here is my first shot:

Hope you like it.

Thank you Emmy. You truly are a wonderful person.


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